Hi there, I’m Gabi.

I’m a brand strategist.

I’m also an Israeli-born, Finnish-bred, French-raised, American citizen. That’s another story.

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Really, I'm an idea explorer.

I discover surprising strategies where the market opportunity, 
human problem, and unexpected trend meet to take brands to new places.

My maps are made of post-its, whiteboards, unexpected thoughts
written on my hand, and at least an hour in the thesaurus.

I wake up every morning to make people smile;
my coworkers, our clients, and their consumers.


Want to see what I can do?

I've been lucky enough to work on brands of all shapes and sizes - from concepts without names to billion dollar category leaders. Here are a couple of my favorite challenges.


Imagined with
vision + void

O. Lab Fragrances
Rocket Magazine

introduced with
story + soul

Work Coffee
IQOS X Marlboro

Invigorated with
perspective + possibility

Burt's Bees