hi, I'm gabi.

When I was little, my parents knew me to be Curious Gabi (as in George) because I, too, wreaked havoc all over NYC – and I ate a lot of bananas. Inspired by them, I wrote little books about my adventures.

More than 10 years and 30 countries later, my curious mind has grown beyond telling my own stories to telling the stories of brands and the people that buy them.

Today, I am design thinker, storyweaver, and brand strategist.

If I were to bring the books back, here are some titles that would make the cut:
Curious Gabi Gets Detained in a Foreign Airport
Curious Gabi and the Failed Business Venture
Curious Gabi Capsizes a 20-Foot Sailboat in the Middle of the Ocean
Curious Gabi Debuts on Israeli Television
Curious Gabi Learns to Drive (At 21)
Curious Gabi Battles Argentine Food Poisoning
Curious Gabi Milks a Cow to Get Into College
Curious Gabi Trips and Breaks Her Own Leg
Curious Gabi Takes a Job as a French Au Pair

Curious Gabi Gets Lost on The Appalachian Trail
Curious Gabi and the Quest for the Perfect Font