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Caitlin Russell
Alyn Carr
Beka Tesfaye

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Creative Ideation
Pitch Narrative
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”Time to get a beer”


Adobe was looking to strengthen their relationship with creative leaders within heritage enterprise clients.

They had launched a campaign called “Design is Power” that used emails & events as a means of engagement. They came to us asking for watering holes; further place & executions they could explore to get creative enterprise leaders to engage with their brand.

We zoomed all the way out & realized this was an ask about creating meaningful conversation, not one-way communication. It wasn’t about being present at a watering hole, it was about creating one. We won the pitch with zero placements & one badass idea (complete with a Kayne hype reel).




It’s a tale as old as time; someone is so excited they finally found their dream used car & as soon as they drive it off the lot the check engine light turns on. When it comes to buying used, majority of people fear being duped by the seller who’ll lie or not disclose information to seal the deal. But, in this case, perception is reality. These stories are dime-a-dozen and, as a result, there’s no trusted leader in used car sales because there’s no seller buyers feel they can trust - including Carvana, just check Reddit.

Creative Leaders within heritage enterprises only look at materials that help them in their roles. Though they use Adobe products, they don’t see the value in Adobe communications.


We conducted a sentiment sprint full of exercises where 50+ people shared their perceptions of, realities with, and dreams regarding the used car space. What we realized was shockingly obvious. Delivered to your driveway, dropped down a vending machine, or devoid of dealer fees Carvana’s move away from brick & mortar hasn’t solved the real consumer need. People just want to know what they’re getting, they want it to work as promised, and they want to pay a fair price for it.

Creative Leaders are motivated by catalyzing organizational transformation but fail to sell their ideas to their analytical counterparts because they’re speaking two different languages.


Luckily for us, we were working for the only client who could solve this industry-wide issue. From a brand perspective, people expect Carvana to challenge category conventions. From a service standard, Carvana already gives people a peek under the hood (literally & figuratively). From an operations angle, Carvana is the only vertically integrated player. And, most importantly, Carvana genuinely gives a sh*t about ameliorating the experience. Putting all these pieces together our strategy was simple.

Solve for those Creative Leaders lost in translation by teaching them the language of creative business transformation.



So we asked ourselves & many others…

Where is there a need for transparency in the current process, Carvana & beyond?

You’ve read a lot already, watch for laughs.



What we did:

Transparent Pricing
Explain the factors that went into pricing without disclosing margins.

Spec Translation
Turn car talk into human talk.

Carvana Facts Inspection
Amplify & brand the existing inspection to set a new standard.

Cardian Angel Customer Support
Build a relationship of one-on-one support post-purchase.

What we heard:

Unexplained Pricing
“Why does this 2016 Civic cost $2,000 more than this one?”

Unclear Language
“What the f*ck is a power liftgate?”

Undisclosed Damage
“Why is my car two shades of blue if it has never been hit.”

Uncertain Delivery
“Why can’t I track my car like I track my pizza?”


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