A is for Adobe

A new way to communicate with Enterprise Creative Leaders.

live client winning project | 5 weeks | research, Strategy, ideation

The situation:

Adobe’s “Enterprise Creative Leaders” were using Adobe products, but they weren’t engaging with Adobe communications (eg: emails, direct mail, events).

The ASK:

Build deeper relationships with Enterprise Creative Leaders by augmenting communications and exploring new channels.

RESEARCH Findings:

01. Since Enterprise Creative Leaders are bombarded with communications, they only open what adds value.

02. Traditional Enterprise Creative Leaders are uniquely motivated by transforming & modernizing their organizations.

03. They are frustrated because they struggle to sell in big change, but optimistically & actively searching for help.


Leadership within traditional enterprises speak two different languages.

While Enterprise Creative Leaders speak in possibilities, Enterprise Analytical Leaders speak in proof. As a result of the language barrier, ideas are lost in translation. It’s a creative stalemate.


Turn one-way communication into value-adding conversation by teaching Enterprise Creative Leaders how to transform their organizations.


A is for Adobe: A Learning Platform for Creative Business Transformation.*

*Think of it like Duolingo, but built off Adobe’s wealth of corporate case studies.


Each leader has a personalized profile connected to their course history which could be used by the account and sales team in addition to informing new enterprise software development.

Learn the language of creative business transformation.


The A is for Adobe Learning Process:

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The Platform Creative:

The Pitch Video:

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