BALD TOP Brewing Company: Awareness Campaign



Increase beer sales by bringing in new drinkers.



Bald Top Brewing Company is a historic farm brewery in Central Virginia. After being open for a year, they had a core group of loyal customers while people two miles down the road didn't know they existed. In order to continue to grow, they needed to sell more beer.

the Problem

Bald Top didn't have a clear target audience and they were inconsistent in their marketing efforts.


Initially, the owners were interested in attracting urban millennials.

So we did the math on yearly customer value...
Urban Visitor: 3 Visits a Year x 4 Beers a Visit = 12 Beers a Year
Local Drinker: 12 Months a Year x 4 Beers a Month = 48 Beers a Year

For the greatest return on Bald Top's marketing investment, we needed to focus on the 90,000 legal age drinkers within 30 miles.



member-social-2017-03141-1024x1024 2.jpg

Bruce is a 37 year old agricultural engineer from Madison County, VA. He was born and raised in the town, he met his wife at the local high school, and his mom lives two miles down the road. He's proud of both the land and the community he comes from. He owns their house and their two cars but he worked hard to pay it all off. He shops local because he'd rather support people he knows than buy from a big box store. On the weekends, he's watching football with his buddies in the basement.

Barrier: Bruce is a self-proclaimed porch drinker. Why go to the party if the party can come to you?

Delight: Bruce has a close inner circle that he defaults to spending his free time with. He loves spontaneously connecting or reconnecting with people beyond the group.


Loyals love coming to Bald Top because they always run into someone they know.


BRAND Strategy

Position Bald Top Brewing Company as the "Cheers" of Central Virginia.
Where everyone knows your name.

Communication strategy

Lean into local.


Brand Awareness Campaign

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Traditional Media

Meet Bruce where he is - scouring the paper for good deals and commuting to work.

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Guerilla Marketing

Empower the Bald Top lovers to spread the good word.

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Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 2.02.37 PM.png

Experience Strategy

Create a consistent calendar and enhance the on-premise experience through low-budget purchases.

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Digital Advertising

Focus geographically targeted digital ads on promoting events.

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