Betty Crocker

How baking mix challenged the greeting card aisle.

Group project | 5 weeks | research, Strategy, ideation



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My Role:

Brand Strategy
Creative Brief
Deck Flow

The Challenge:

The entire baking mix category was in decline and Betty Crocker, the market leader, was getting hit the hardest in both sales & volume.
We needed to create a line extension that gave people a reason to pick up a mix & our mix.


We whisked together some in-home baking sessions, in-depth interviews, and store visits
We baked for people. We baked with people. We doodled with our bakers. We stalked bakeries. We interviewed professionals. Our experience designer even pitched a tent in the aisle at Kroger. Just kidding. But, we did spend the better half of two weeks covered in cake dust to evaluate from all angles.

The Realization:

Cravers, who buy grab-and-go sweets, are guided by their stomach.
Connoisseurs, who bake from scratch, are guided by their mind.
Carers, who go for baking mixes, are guided by their heart.
Baking, for them, was an imperfectly perfect labor of love meant to show someone they care.

The Opportunity

They only thought of us on preordained, big deal occasions; birthdays, holidays, work events. As a result, simple things like “thanks for watching my dog” didn’t feel cake-worthy. For those moments they were turning to easier, less heart-felt options and we weren’t even on the radar.
Betty Crocker could make ordinary acts of care feel bake-worthy.



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Betty Crocker is a simple way to communicate
you care.



Say It With Cake
A line of greeting card-inspired baking mixes complete with stencils, icing, and a healthy dose of quirk to help you communicate you give a sh*t on any occasion.

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More creative to come!