Betty Crocker

Say it with cake.

Group project | 5 weeks | research, Strategy, ideation


The baking mix category was steadily declining and Betty Crocker was losing share and volume the fastest.

How do we grow the category through the brand?

THe product Truth:

Baking communicates care.

the threat:

We’ve found more convenient ways to show care, from 1-Click orders on Amazon to pre-made bakery goods.

The Sweet Treat Mindsets:

Guided by Belly

Looking for fast & easy sweets they can eat in the parking lot
In-Store Bakeries

Guided by Head

Looking for a baking challenge that shows their prowess
From Scratch

Guided by Heart

Looking for baked goods that
show time, thought, and intention
Baking Mixes

The Obstacle:

Those guided by heart only think to show their care with cake on formal occasions (eg: birthdays, holidays).

The strategy:

Betty Crocker is a meaningful means of day-to-day recognition.