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Casper dreamed of being known as a sleep company.

While they had expanded into furniture, nap spaces, and dog beds, people still didn’t see them as more than a bed-in-a-box. As a brand whose mission continues to focus on democratizing great sleep, they asked us to think about about products & services that could transform their perception beyond their box & solve a human sleep problem.

With 87 hours to discover, distill, and design, we decided we might as well swing big. We created a first-of-its-kind service & supporting product line that brought to life a new perspective on sleep.




Type in mattress on Google. What you’ll see is brand after brand promising “the best sleep” & “the perfect comfort” all complete with “a lifetime guarantee”. While that sounds well & good, it’s not reality. Even if a mattress could last forever its context is never constant. We move across the county, we move in with our significant other, we start a family, we have back surgery… In each of those moments what was best when we bought it isn’t best anymore. So, why are we promulgating a false expectation?

Brands treat mattresses like they’re a final destination when, in reality, they are just another stop on the journey to great sleep.


When talking to folks about their sleep journeys we realized that moments of mattress transition were associated with something emotionally greater - a move, a move in, a promotion, a demotion, a divorce. In each situation dreamers didn’t think about their mattress until they became a problem, then they were front & center. Because of the promises of forever, sleepers felt guilt & resentment when their lifetime guarantee didn’t last a lifetime. They tossed & turned figuring out what’s next.

Life is full of new mattress moments that help you dream bigger & sleep sounder, but those transitions keep people up at night.


If sleep changes as you change then what you need to sleep best changes as your life changes. Sounds simple, right? But, what it means is pretty significant for the category. It means there’s no best bed, no perfect comfort, and no need for a lifetime guarantee. Instead, there’s best sleep for a single guy in an NYC apartment, perfect comfort for the same dude with two toddlers, and a lifetime guarantee of support through all his (& your) sleep transitions. Luckily, Casper’s got most of the beds for that.

Casper helps you sleep soundly by evolving with your ever-changing life.



So we asked ourselves & many others…

What could it mean to sleep soundly in every phase & place in life?

You’ve read a lot already, watch for laughs.



What we created:

The Casper Lifetime Guarantee
Service to Support Periods of Sleep (& Life) Transition
Moving support, proactive sleep & mattress guidance, and financial incentives that grow with you.

C by Casper: The Baby Line
Sleep Products for Life in Full (Not Just Full Beds)
Growing the product line to build loyalty across our lifecycle.

Dream With Us
Sparking Conversation Through a Campaign
Owning & supporting the cultural reality that sleep is a journey.

WheN Dreamers felt restless:

Periods of Mattress Transition
“How am I going to move this bed across the country?”
“Why does my bed have a dent in one side?”
“Should I really spend the money to upgrade?”

Phases Where Their Trusted Casper Doesn’t Exist
“How come my dog sleeps in a Casper but my baby doesn’t?”
“I googled baby Casper the other day.”

Promises Not Kept Regarding Sleep
“I never thought I’d be this stressed getting rid of a bed.”
“I used to sleep so well. Not anymore.”


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