The PRoblem:

Adobe’s “Enterprise Creative Decision Makers” (eg: Director of Marketing Innovation) were using Adobe products, but they weren’t engaging with Adobe communications (eg: emails, direct mail, etc).

The ASK:

How do we augment our existing communications to connect with this audience?

The REal question:

How might we inspire Enterprise Creative Decision Makers to engage with the brand as often as they engage with the products?

The findings:

01. “Enterprise Creative Leaders” are bombarded with traditional format, corporate-oriented communications. They only spend time with those that help them in their role.

02. These leaders are uniquely motivated by transforming their heritage company from a traditional business to a creative business.

03. They’re failing to sell in big ideas to fellow enterprise leaders (eg: COO, CEO, CTO) because the larger group doesn’t fully understand.

04. So, Enterprise Creative Decision Makers are actively searching for ways to get buy-in on creative change. They’re jumping between scattered articles online, million dollar proposals from McKinsey, and three-day conferences.

05. They don’t think to look to Adobe because they don’t see the link between the creative & analytical platforms.


Leadership within traditional enterprises speak two different languages.

While Enterprise Creative Leaders speak in possibilities, Enterprise Analytical Leaders speak in proof. As a result of the language barrier, transformational thoughts are lost in translation. Could we provide words and work that results in true conversation?


Adobe is the language of creative business. Let’s teach it.


A is for Adobe: A Learning Platform for Creative Business Transformation.*

*Think of it like Duolingo, but built off Adobe’s wealth of corporate case studies.


User data could be used by the account & sales & product development teams to enhance relationships and product offerings.