o. lab: new fragrance brand concept

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The Ask

Create a new fragrance concept for Coty, the global beauty conglomerate.

The Situation

The fragrance industry is declining with sales forecasted to fall 3% year-after-year. While mass fragrance sales are dropping the fastest, niche fragrances are growing in both dollar sales and audience size.

the Problem

Coty's portfolio is almost exclusively big brand fragrances that are distributed through big box retailers. They have no presence in the niche fragrance space.

the opportunity

Connect with the growing group of niche scent shoppers though a product-focused fragrance distributed beyond department stores.

The Scent Explorer

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Female 25 - 35
Thoughtful Consumer
Seeks Products & Experiences That Evolve Her Self Identity
Has Several Fragrances She Wears Based off Season or Mood
Values Personalization
Quality > Quantity
Boutique > Big Box

The Insight

The fragrance shopping experience is broken. After spraying a couple white paper strips with unknown blends, customers experience scent fatigue. As a result, they end up buying something "good enough".

Concept strategy

Reinvent scent discovery.



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How it works

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Go to olab.com, create a profile, and request a scent kit be shipped to your home.

The kit is complete with a proprietary set of the five bases of all scents - floral, oriental, woody, fresh, and aromatic fougere.

All of them are unlabelled so that you discover your favorites like without bias.

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Once you've explored the scent profiles in your scent kit, fill out the o. lab survey connected to your account.

It will ask you to rank the five vials, tell us what you loved and what you hated, as well as what strength of scent you are looking for.




Based off of the information you provide, o. lab selects the fragrance we think you'll like best and ship it to your home.

o. lab fragrances are an ounce each so you can continue to explore through the seasons based off your scent profile.

Returns are free if you are unsatisfied with your scent!



Communication strategy

Invoke olfactory memory to cue scent curiousity.

what does that smell like campaign?

Location + Timing

Concentrate launch efforts in NYC to spark and sustain organic WOM growth.

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In Bar Coasters

Leave scratch and sniff coasters at the top 50 bars in NYC - Blacktail, Ghost Donkey, The Public Hotel Rooftop, etc.

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Pop Up Store

Open a pop up in LES to build brand equity and let people build a scent profile in person.

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The power of data

The o. lab scent profile survey will collect geographic, demographic, and psychographic data connected to each individual's account. As more consumers go through the o. lab experience, Coty will be able to leverage that data to refine consumer segments, see geographic preferences, and predict future fragrance trends.