Brandcenter PRoject:

Yankee Candle

Research Design, Strategy, Ideation, Pitch

Lauren Acampora, AD
Alex Glaum, CBM
Brit Kern, XD
Katie Kovach, ST
Kobby Amoaka-Atta, CW

Yankee Candle sells every scent you can imagine, and then some. As a result, people found the sheer size of their selection and the in-store experience overwhelming. While many were steering clear and spending on other brands, a core group continued to fuel the financial fire. We were tasked with growing that number by making the Yankee Candle retail experience something everyone could enjoy. To do that, we tapped into the irrational love present in all of us.



The Request.

Yankee Candle’s sales had plateaued and the volume moving through their owned footprints was declining. They asked us to reimagine their retail experience to spark sales with a broader audience.


The Reality.

The retail problem was symptomatic of a larger brand issue. Some people didn’t want to be seen in a Yankee Candle store because it was the “mass mall candle brand.” Unfortunately, the retail footprint wasn’t doing anything to help change that perception. All the inventory was out, stacked floor to ceiling, by color, with the lids off - more than 2000 candles in less than 2000 square feet. So yes, we needed to redesign the store, but we also needed to use that opportunity to refresh the brand image.


The Realization.

Believe it or not, there are 6,742 fans who post in a devoted Yankee Candle Facebook Group daily. We were so fascinated by their love for the brand that we needed to understand why. So we sent them (as well as a bunch of Yankee haters) a wacky survey full of this-or-thats; umbrella or raincoat, perfectionist or realist, try something new or eat what you always order… Our segmentation revealed one big, contradictory takeaway. The people who were buying this maximalist, messy candle brand were conservative, cautious, and clean. Yankee was their one irrational hobby. But, we all have one of those, don’t we? We just don’t a scent for them. Lucky for us, Yankee Candle has over 200 to offer.



The Brand Strategy:

Bring purpose to selection by partnering
scents with people’s passions.

The Creative Strategy.

Whatever you’re into, there’s a
Yankee Candle for that.



Connect Passion to Brand in Store.


Our store was designed to be a matchmaker. Our custom tables curated recommendations based off city and season while hiding excess inventory. Our scent categorization helped people better navigate their pairings. And our back library-style wall stood as a reminder that there are just as many scents as there are interests - as well as someone upfront to help you.

Showcase Table 3.png
Final - POS.png


Connect Passion to
Brand on Product.

It was hard to have a conversation with a loyal Yankee fan without hearing their prolonged disdain for the new logo. We seized the opportunity to bring it back in a new way. We changed the labels to be a blank canvas for you to draw whatever you’re into (which also helped with shelf appeal).

Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 4.11.10 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 4.12.00 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 4.13.31 PM.png


Connect Passion to Brand through Communications.

We built our traditional creative around some scary specific placements. We used everything from Trainmaster Magazine to Instagram targeting Browns fans to our advantage, sharing the message that whatever you’re into, there’s a Yankee Candle for that.